Ways to Partner with Comms Supply

Ways to Partner with Comms Supply

Our Partner Programme provides our partners various ways of working with us with the whole aim of allowing our partners to win more business.

As we all know there are various elements to providing telecoms, whether that’s selling the solution, installing the solution, supporting the solution or billing the solution.  Some of these items are more difficult than others, so our partner programme is there to provide as much support as you need.

We have two standard options, though please speak to us as we can be very flexible.

Revenue Share

This option is ideal for partners that would like to earn a revenue share but don’t want to deal with billing the customer.

We will -:

  • Bill your customers with your logo on the invoice
  • Manage the direct debits and credit control
  • Provide 1st Line Support direct to your customer
  • Answer all support calls within 20 seconds to you and your customers
  • Provide Installation Engineers
  • Give you excellent margins across our portfolio

Channel Partner

Ideal for telecoms resellers that already provide services to end users and invoice them for the services. This option, you own the customer, you control the price, you bill the customer, therefore you are in full control.

We will -:

  • Answer all support calls within 20 seconds
  • Provide Installation Engineers (if needed)
  • Give you excellent low cost rates across the portfolio

Our partner programme is about giving our partners choice and flexibility in how they want to partner with us.

If you want to, or already, provide telecoms solutions to businesses and want good margins, high availability solutions and excellent customer service then Comms Supply could be what you are looking for. 

To discuss in more detail about partnering with Comms Supply, please either call the team on 0333 2020 901 or email