Why Partner With Comms Supply?

Why Partner with Comms Supply? 

The majority of our teams experience comes from either working with one of the largest telecoms suppliers to working with various resellers across East Anglia and through this experience we understand what a partner needs to provide.

We understand that our business only grows through the success of our partners, if we are not providing you with the right solutions and commercials, it will be almost impossible for you to win business. If you are not winning business, then neither are we.

We appreciate how an open and honest relationship is core to any partnership and this has to work both ways, if we see a gap in the market or see a lot of success in one vertical, we will inform our partners to allow you to try and get a slice of the pie.

Our support response times we believe are second to none, on average we answer all support calls between 8am and 6pm within 10 seconds. We know how frustrating it is when you have customer with no service and you are ringing the supplier and sitting on hold for 20 minutes, with Comms Supply that will not happen.

We are also very flexible with our partners, we offer various ways of working with us, whether you want to own the customer or you would just like to earn revenue, we have a plan for you.

If you are looking for a telecoms partner and want to find out if Comms Supply is your perfect fit, then give us a call on 0333 2020 901