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Your UCP - A whole new approach to hosted

We believe that every business, no matter how new or how small, should be able to benefit from the latest technology.  That’s why we’ve used our expertise and years of experience to design Your Unified Communications Platform, or YourUCP for short:  a hosted solution that delivers exactly what customers need at a cost effective price point.  

Shaped for your customers. YourUCP provides a single interface for all phone calls, no matter where and how your customers work. Whether they have a team of 200 working from a single location or ten staff working from ten different locations, YourUCP will deliver calls to wherever they are. Users can change the device they receive calls on so they never miss a call.

Feature-packed.  YourUCP incorporates an extensive list of useful features plus powerful integration capabilities.  It works across desktop and mobile devices to provide maximum flexibility.

Future-proof. Unlike a traditional phone system, with YourUCP there’s no need to think about changing it in five to seven years. When we upgrade the solution this upgrade is automatically passed on to you, so your clients are operating using the latest technology at all times.

Pricing. YourUCP is priced per user, per month so your customers only pay for what they need, when they need it.  For partners, this provides a regular, predictable monthly revenue, helping with cash flow.

Training.  We provide an intensive technical training day covering all aspects of YourUCP; from standard PBX features to setting up ACD and Auto Attendants. Your team can therefore become experts in our solution.

Robust and reliable. YourUCP is hosted within our own network and constantly monitored using PRTG, one of the most sophisticated monitoring solutions on the market.  If a problem occurs we’ll know about it instantly. 




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