Call Centre Working

YourUCP Call Centre Feature

YourUCP has many advanced features, including Automatic Call Distributor (ACD).  This feature is useful for many types of business including call centres.

ACD offers the following features;

  • Call Queuing

YourUCP will queue the call while waiting for a member of the team to become free. While the call is queuing marketing messages can be played and the caller always has the option to break out of the queue and leave a voicemail. Some people like to leave a message and some prefer to queue so this feature provides the best of both worlds.

  • Estimated Waiting Time

ACD can advise the caller the estimated wait time based on the real time average call wait. 

  • Queue Position

As well as advising callers how long the estimated wait time is, it also offers real time queue position. 

  • Call Back

Call back is one of our favourite features.  ACD can give the caller the option to opt for a call back rather than queue; the system will then automatically call them back and present the call to a staff member. We believe this is a great option for busy businesses.

  • ACD Supervisor

The ACD Supervisor licence allows the supervisor to monitor all calls coming into the group and to monitor what agents are currently available, unavailable or on a call. The supervisor can make someone available from their PC.  In addition the supervisor can also listen into calls.  

  • ACD Reporting

The solution provides full ACD reporting, average wait time, number of calls into the group, number of calls each agent has answered etc We believe it gives every stat your customer could ever need to manage their calls effectively.. 

ACD can support businesses in providing the best customer service, could it support your customer? If so please call us on 0333 2020 901 to discuss further.