MyUCP is an end user interface into YourUCP, in our opinion you need to see MyUCP to understand how important it could be to your organisation. MyUCP provides end users many benefits including;

  • Presence

MyUCP gives all users within the organisation a true presence status. The presence status is split into two, the users phone status, ie are they on a call, logged in etc but also shows if the user is available to receive an instant message. 

  • Instant Message (IM)

The solution has a built in internal IM solution, as MyUCP can either be used as desktop solution or as a web app, the whole team can communicate using IM no matter what device they have with them. 

  • Call Control

MyUCP gives the end user the ability to control their own calls, for example diverts at certain times of the day to twinning their extension with their mobile phone. 

  • Softphone

When using MyUCP has a desktop solution, end users can also use MyUCP as a softphone, again giving the end user the flexibility to work from anywhere. 

  • ACD Log in & Out

Normally logging in and out of ACD groups mean remembering codes which are always forgotten, MyUCP allows users to login and out of groups directly from their desktop. 

MyUCP allows businesses to communicate efficiently both internally and externally. If you would like a demo of MyUCP, call us on 0333 2020 901