YourUCP Standard Features

YourUCP Standard Features

YourUCP provides businesses with all the same benefits you would expect from a traditional PBX.

YourUCP standard features include;

  • Hold/Transfer

Probably the most obvious one of all, but an important feature for everyone. 

  • Music On Hold

The system allows you to have different music on hold across your organisation, therefore giving different departments the ability to select a different hold soundtrack. 

  • Auto Attendant

The Auto-Attendant allows your business to direct customers to the exact department they want to speak to without having a receptionist dealing with all calls into the company. The Auto-Attendant offers multi-layer options, generally only used for multi-site companies or large, complex companies. 

  • Voicemail

Again a very standard feature, but one that not every company currently has. 

  • Voicemail to email

Voicemail to email is becoming a very standard feature. It is very useful for both individual Direct Dials but also main numbers.
For example, if your customer's office closes at 5.30pm a new customer could call through at 5.40pm and the call would be left until the next day.  However the voicemail could be emailed to a member of the sales team to call back instantly, potentially getting to the new client more quickly that a rival firm.  

  • 3 Way Conference

Again a standard but very useful feature, all users have the ability to have a 3 way conference. We use this all the time, especially between our customers, us and their IT support company.

There are many other standard features available but the above features are the ones the majority of our partners' customers use every day.  To find out about advanced features, please hover over the Hosted Solutions tab. 

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