Business Broadband

Business Broadband & FTTC

At Comms Supply we provide our partners with both copper based ADSL and FTTC connections.

Our network is directly connected with both Vodafone and Talk Talk, enabling us to provide services throughout the UK, while ensuring we offer robust and reliable internet transit.

Our partners can choose which carrier they would like the connection to be on, which allows you to offer our resilient solution to your customer, while only having to deal with a single supplier. The two networks are connected to our network in different Data Centres, giving you the option to sell two ADSL/FTTC connections to your customer that route in different directions from the exchange and into our network.

By working with Comms Supply, you get a single provider, managing their own network, but the extended reach of the largest carriers in the UK.  

We can offer the following products

  • IPStream
  • ADSL2+
  • ADSL2+ Annex M
  • FTTC

Our ADSL2+ pricing starts at just £9 per month, ensuring you have a very competitive pricing to your end users.  

While no one wants to talk about service issues, as we all know, with both ADSL and FTTC, issues do happen, from the PSTN failing, to CRC errors, our team of engineers are well versed in dealing with both ADSL and FTTC service issues. We fully appreciate these can be frustrating and difficult to diagnose, however we will work with you to ensure the quickest resolution for your customers. 

If you’d like to talk about business broadband options for your customers please call us on 0333 2020 901.