Connectivtiy Monitoring Solution

Monitoring Solution

Business of all sizes are now reliant on their internet connection and when it is not working it can really impact their business.

Our monitoring solution is designed to help our partners enhance their support levels while also being able to see live and historic reports about their customers’ internet connections.

Our monitoring servers are located in separate Data Centres with different routes into our network, which ensures you can rely on accurate and ‘up to date’ information.

Live Reporting

Our monitoring solution allows you to see in ‘real time’ the status of your customers’ internet connection, whether that’s checking if it is up or looking at latency issues. This is invaluable to providing 1st line support, as you can very quickly from either a mobile device or laptop get the information you need. For on-call engineers the addition of being able to use an app on their mobile we believe makes their job much easier.

Monitoring Image


Enhanced monitoring is available also, for example, you can monitor bandwidth usage, this helps investigate issues such as ‘our internet is slow’ as you can quickly see how much bandwidth is being used, which could rule out a connection issue very quickly.

Historical Reporting

While live reporting helps you identify an immediate issue, historical reporting allows you to provide reports to your customers about their internet connections, including how reliable the connection is, which is great for customer reviews.

By having historical reporting, you are also able to look for any trends, which can help identify service issues, for example high utilisation of the line at certain times of the days or broadband connections dropping when the air con is turned on (yes this has happened).


Partners can also set up alerts to email their helpdesk when connections drop or latency reaches a certain threshold, which enables you to provide proactive support to your customers.

The monitoring is included in all managed Ethernet solutions and comes at a small cost for all other connections, £5 per month for ADSL & FTTC and £10 for Ethernet Solutions.