Leased Lines

Leased Lines

Leased Line - also called Ethernet or Direct Internet Access – is the best business grade internet connection that your customers can currently access.

The internet connection is delivered via fibre directly from the local point of presence, usually an exchange, to your customer’s premises. Leased Lines come with a five hour service level agreement as standard.  If there’s a problem which is not fixed within five hours, a credit is paid back to the business being invoiced. 

We can provide a fully managed option with a choice of routers, or we can provide on a wires only basis. 

Three years ago you would have been talking around £700-£1000 per month for a 10mb Leased Line service; today the prices are more than 50% cheaper in the majority of locations.

If your customers would benefit from a Leased Line, please phone us to discuss partnering with Comms Supply on 0333 2020 901.