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You might think of lines and SIP trunks on systems as the ‘traditional’ side of telecoms. However the technology behind physical lines and phone systems is still evolving and suits the needs of many businesses.

Whether your customers require a traditional ISDN with a telephone system on site or SIP trunks with an onsite telephone system, we can provide you with competitive pricing and business grade solutions. 

Unlike many of our competitors, across all Line Rental, Call Charges and SIP, our partners and their customers benefit from a 30 day contract period (if you wish to pass it on), rather than asking you to agree a 5 year contract for example. That’s because technology is changing all the time and your customers business needs the freedom to change too. We won’t tie you in to a long contract that might not suit your customers' needs in the months or years to come.

If your customer already has a traditional phone system in place, with no immediate need to upgrade, we can take over the current services and maintenance agreement, offering you great value and responsive service.



We don’t believe in making our customers sign up to a 24 or even 12 month contracts



SIP Trunks are a great alternative to ISDN


We’re confident we can lower your bills and keep them low.
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