SIP Trunks

SIP Trunks

SIP Trunks are becoming more popular by the day and we see a number of our partners increasing the number of SIP Trunks provisions on a daily basis and we believe this will continue.

With the majority of system manufacturers now leading towards SIP, whether that’s the NEC SV9100 or the 3CX, SIP Trunks are going to become a key product for all telecoms providers, and this is where we can help.

Our SIP Trunks are built across multiple servers to ensure the highest availability to our partners customers, we understand any service issues can impact not only your customers business, but also yours.

Here are a few other reasons why we believe our SIP Trunks provide an ideal solution for our partners:

Great prices. Because our wholesale VOIP & SIP Trunks are fully controlled and managed by us, we can ensure that we’re always providing you with a competitive price, enabling you to achieve the best possible margins.  

We offer two variants - 

£3.00 per channel with free set up. 

£4.50 per channel with free set up, which includes 4000 UK Landline UK Mobile Minutes, per month

We believe our pricing is some of the most competitive in the industry, for example some companies are still charging 10p per minute for mobile calls, so for our £1.50 you get up to 4000 minutes. 

Speed.  Our average provisioning time for SIP Trunks is only 24 hours; but it’s often WAY quicker. We can adapt existing provisions in a similar time frame.

Flexibility. With our SIP Trunks your customers have the choice of any geographical number, no matter where they are located.  And unlike inbound solutions, this flexibility doesn’t cost any extra.

Failover.  For every SIP Trunk we provision, we set up an automatic failover. If your customer has an issue on site, such as an issue with their telephone system or their internet connection is lost, we will re-route their calls to an alternative destination, without the need for you to call us.

Our SIP Trunks have been tested on a range of leading vendors’ equipment, including NEC, Samsung, IQPBX, Swyx and 3CX.

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If you’d like to find out more about providing SIP Trunks to your customers, please call us on 0333 2020 901