CPS & WLR (Wholesale Line Rental)

CPS and WLR have been core products for us for a number of years.  Whilst we can see a shift away from these services, there are still thousands of businesses benefiting from them. We believe that gaining these customers is just as important as winning SIP Trunks business or installing hosted solutions.  That's because these customers will, at some point, be looking to upgrade.   

It takes ten working days to transfer WLR or CPS to us.  The lines stay on the BT Openreach network and we ensure there is no disruption in service for your customer. 

As well as recommending the correct solutions for your customers and delivering technical support, we understand that service is vital.  Therefore we employ a dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced support team who are available to help our partners and their customers.

If you already have a base of customers or have a requirement for a new WLR & CPS provider, we want to hear from you? Call us on 0333 2020 901 and we can provide you bespoke rates that suit your business